Hot Stove Musings

-The Mets are about to decline Tom Glavine’s 14 million dollar option in hopes of negotiating a new contract with him (presumably at a lower annual value). The buyout for declining the option is 3 million. For a team that is heavily staked in the starting pitching market (not to mention is willing to commit 12 million dollar to El Duque) declining this option seems like a tremendous mistake. Why give the Braves the opportunity to offer Glavine a better deal? The 11 million difference between buying Glavine out and picking up his option is a very minimal investment. Especially if Glavine ends up commanding a multi-year deal.

-The Yankees resigning Mussina for 2 years, 22.5 million is a great deal for the Yanks. Mussina’s numbers (172 Ks vs 35 BBs, 3.51 ERA) compare favorably to Barry Zito’s (151 Ks, 99 BBs, 3.83 ERA). Yeah Zito is much younger, but giving long term contracts to pitchers is dangerous (and we know Zito will command 6 years at least). And Mussina has been tested in the Bronx, probably the hardest place in the majors to pitch. The Mets should have come in with a 2 year 30 million dollar offer. But I’m glad they didn’t get the chance.

-The Red Sox 51.1 Million dollar posting fee for Daisuke Matsuzaka pretty much assures that he will cost the Sox over 100 million dollars. It’s well documented that he cannot bring the Red Sox much more in revenue thanks to MLB controlling international broadcasting so that leaves us asking: Is any pitcher worth $100 million dollars? Maybe Johan Santana. And that’s still a maybe. (Of course if Soriano is worth 136 Million… )

-The Phillies beat out the Yankees for Wes Helms’ services and I must say it’s a nice sign for the Phillies and I am disappointed. Apparently Helms just flat out didn’t want to play in NY, but if you look at his numbers and his defensive ability he would have been a great low-key, cheap addition as a 1b. The Yanks are left to look at Shea Hillenbrand and Rich Aurilia (both of which will probably cost more).


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