Colts – Patriots

The Colts – Patriots game on Sunday night did not disappoint. It was probably the most exciting football game I watched all year. I was going to write a post comparing this game to the 2004 ALCS but the Sports Guy beat me to it. But one thing that I think is similar that hasn’t been noted- I can’t help but feel that Patriots fans are saying to themselves now “So everyone finally got what they wanted. You happy?” Everyone always picks Manning and the Colts to win. Everyone outside of New England cheers for the Colts. But I have to admit, when Brady threw that final interception, it still took me a minute to believe the Colts really had won.

So now we get a Bears – Colts superbowl, with the Colts the obvious choice to win in a rout, which if you’ve been paying attention, means the Bears should win. Though the whole “Peyton Manning gets his first Super Bowl” angle may counter that.

All that aside however, the most important aspect of this is that maybe we’ve got a new trend here- similar to the probable underdogs. Players who are perceived as unable to come through in the clutch- do. Which of course is good news for A-Rod and bad news for sportswriters in NY. (Of course the idea that A-Rod cannot handle pressure situations is a media idea that unfortunately BECAME true after it was publicized. But that’s a whole different issue.)


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