A-Rod Can’t Win, Again

The current media buzz for the “A-Rod/Jeter rift” is probably one of the most nonsensical media story/non-stories I’ve ever heard. I’ve listened now for two days as various radio and TV talk show hosts scream about how A-Rod needs to shut up and how he is causing trouble. Well, the knock on A-Rod has been that he is disingenuous when speaking with the media and always gives out prepackaged answers. Well this time, he said that rather than giving everyone the same “Jeet and I are still best friends” garbage, he’d just tell the truth. Because we all know they’re not best friends so we then assume that they must be fighting. Truth is, they’re not great friends, but they get along, support each other as teammates, and want each other to succeed. Now what, I beg of you, is wrong with that statement? Does it mean that A-Rod and Jeter don’t like each other? NO. Hell, A-Rod is married, Jeter is single. Is it really newsworthy that they don’t hang out all the time? So I guess A-Rod should just go back to giving the prepackaged, media-friendly answers. They’re media friendly for a reason.

In actual BASEBALL related A-Rod news, he’s come to camp 12 lbs lighter and says he plans to focus on his fielding and his running game. I think this is great. He didn’t need to add all that muscle to hit homeruns. In fact, it might have hurt him overall. (Of course is he just slimming down so he can move back to short with another team when he opts out at the end of this year? Um… forget I said anything.)

More good baseball news: rumor is Schilling is grossly out of shape. Stay tuned.


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