Opening Day Reaction

  • Carl Pavano: Not terrible. I know normally you’d say 5 runs over 4 1/3 is terrible. And in the context of a single game, it is. But we’re talking about a guy who hasn’t pitched in a major league game since June 2005. He just doesn’t have the endurance right now, which is why Joe didn’t let him go more than 75 pitches. Hopefully as he builds strength, he’ll improve. Also, it didn’t help that the defense cost him a couple times.
  • A-Rod: Couldn’t help but say “here we go again” after that first inning. He ended up having a fine game, though after Abreu knocked in the game clinching run, I said to myself A-Rod’s gonna blast one here, everyone will say it’s a meaningless homer, and Mo will lose the save opportunity. And immediately he absolutely crushed the first pitch he saw, one down and in. I think the most puzzling thing about A-Rod is he really doesn’t have any holes. I’ve seen him destroy pitches in every part of the strike zone. But yet he still has at bats where he just suddenly looks over-matched. This should never be the case. On the plus side, the complaints about his opening day homerun have been limited.
  • This game could be the blueprint for the Yankees this year. Get as much as we can from our starter, wear down the opponents starter, then beat them with our bullpen. Once we pulled Pavano, the bullpen completely shut down the Devil Rays, and we didn’t even have to use Proctor. For once I agree with Torre’s heavy use of the pen on this one. Off day the next day, Pavano not yet in shape to pitch deep into a game, knowing if we keep it close our offense will destroy Tampa’s pen.
  • Mariano Rivera was absolutely untouchable. 13 pitches, 3 Ks, not one ball put in play. He moved the ball in all directions. The poor Devil Ray hitters didn’t have a chance. Cash: sign him. Please. Just give him whatever he wants. (2 year, 22 million extension, 12 million team option for ’10?) Of course I write the previous paragraph with extreme trepidation, since I don’t want to jinx the sandman.
  • Curt Schilling got rocked by the Royals. I have no further analysis. But he is awfully fat and he is probably my most hated player. So I’m happy.

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