What A Roller Coaster

Phil Hughes was absolutely dominating last night. His fastball explodes and his curve starts at the hitter’s eyes and ends at their feet. His changeup is probably only an average pitch, but seems better because of the other two.

I really thought he had a shot at a no-hitter. No one had yet really put a good swing on him; in fact only 3 balls had gotten out of the infield.

The hamstring injury is bad and incredibly disappointing. 4-6 weeks will most likely be close to 8 meaning he won’t start his rehab assignments until the beginning of July. If he is back in the big leagues that month it would be best case really.

In better news, the A’s got to Papelbon last night. I still don’t think Papelbon will survive as a closer. He puts too much into every pitch. The closers that last (Rivera, Hoffman, hell even Wickman and Todd Jones) do not. Though at the same time, K-Rod has had that kind of intensity and shows no signs of wearing down. Either way, I am interested to see if Papelbon once again in August becomes Papelbum Shoulder.


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