The Rocket Returns

Going into the season, I was fairly confident that Roger Clemens would pitch for the Yankees. I did not expect the entrance he made on Sunday, however. Is this a good move? Well obviously there are lots of people already criticizing the move. It is a lot of money and Roger is almost 45. However, the numbers would suggest that he should be pretty much the same pitcher he was in 2003, especially with an extra month or so of rest.

We’re only 5.5 games back of the Red Sox as of this moment, and if we had Clemens, Wang, and Mussina for the 6 games against them earlier, does anyone really think we would have lost 5 of them? The bottom line is we need to make due with DeSalvo, Igawa, or someone else in the 5 hole for one more month. Rasner should fill into the 4 hole admirably.

Imagine a playoff rotation of Wang, Pettitte, Moose, and Clemens with Hughes coming in from the pen? Now we just need to win some games and get there.

I must add however that I found Peter Gammons’ article regarding this to be pretty poor. I generally LOVE Gammons, despite his Red Sox leanings. But in his ESPN blog he did nothing but talk about money. Yes I understand the Yankees gave him more money. But money isn’t the entire story. It reminds me of when we acquired Bobby Abreu last year. The headline on ESPN read “The Yankees were able to take on Abreu’s contract.” If Detroit had gotten him (and make no mistake, they were trying) you think the headline would have read as such? Doubtful.


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