We’re in the top of the 8th right now and Torre has just brought in Kyle Farnsworth in a 6-2 game. Normally this would be all fine and good except that he already used THREE relievers in a 7th inning where the Rangers did NOT score. First off, Bruney was throwing well even if he did allow a bloop hit and a 3-2 walk. Leave him in and he likely finishes the inning fine. Instead we go to Myers to get the lefty. Fine. Follow him with Proctor (who is touching 98!) to strike out the last batter. Now we’ve got Proctor warmed up, he’s throwing hard, he has faced one hitter where he threw approximately 4 pitches. So we take him out for Farnsworth. Win or lose, these are the type of dumb moves that kill our bullpen. Proctor should be allowed to finish the 8th at least. Then you use Farnsworth or Mo (probably Mo) for the 9th. And now Farnsworth is rested for tomorrow’s game. Instead we’ve managed to use all three of our hard throwing setup men (with apologies to Henn, who has been hitting 94 this year). Our starters are improving. Let’s not waste it by taxing our bullpen anyways.


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