Giambi Not Helping

The Yankees right now are not a fun team to cheer for. The run of bad luck we’ve experienced has been catastrophic. I would run down all the things that have happened but it’s too depressing.

As if our on the field troubles weren’t enough, Giambi went and issued an quasi-admission/apology about steroid use. So now the “Yankees look to terminate Giambi’s contract” stories are popping up again.

I like Jason Giambi. He is a special sort of hitter and I enjoy cheering for him, even if people like to call him a cheater (though I don’t believe steroids give you a batting eye like that). I would like to see Giambi win a championship as a Yankee. That said, if his contract could be voided, Cashman would have no choice. They currently pay Giambi more than any other player (yes, even A-Rod) and there is no way Giambi is one of the best overall players in baseball. What kills him is he is so injury prone and one-dimensional. He can’t field and when he does, he hurts himself. He has bone spurs in his feet right now (where did those come from? He’s a DH who walks and hits homeruns. He actually has to run like 4 times a week).

The Yankees are trying to find players who are young and dynamic. Giambi is not.


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