It seemed like Torre finally had gotten the hint- he’s been extending his starters longer and using relievers for longer stints and not on multiple nights. Monday against the Red Sox, he got all he could out of Wang then brought Bruney in in a big spot. But after Bruney allowed a walk and a dribbler that became an error (while getting two outs however), Torre brings Proctor in for one out. This was Proctor’s third consecutive night pitching. Proctor immediately hits the first batter he faces and is bailed out by a nice play by Cano. The important thing to remember is the Red Sox had yet to get a good swing against Bruney. Someone, soon, needs to sit Joe down, give him a delicious blueberry green tea beverage, and explain one simple thing: BRIAN BRUNEY IS THE BEST MIDDLE RELIEVER ON THE NEW YORK YANKEES.

Bruney’s OPS against is .505. To put that in perspective, Melky Cabrera’s current OPS this season is .588. So on average, batters facing Bruney are significantly worse than Cabrera has been this season. What other proof does Torre need?


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