What’s Wrong Now?

I go away for one weekend and the Yankees fall apart. The saddest part of the Yankees struggle for consistency is the remarkable performance A-Rod is putting together is being wasted. This year we essentially have 3 commodities: Jeter, A-Rod, and Posada. Matsui and Abreu keep showing signs of getting hot but just can’t seem to keep it going. Cano has been exposed: he simply does not control the strike zone well enough. Now that he has been scouted better, he can’t make up for it with his quick bat. Melky has been less patient than last year, when his OBP helped make up for his lack of power. Cairo has played well for what he is: a utility player and spot starter. Damon has simply been a waste of space and his current fight to stay off the DL is nothing short of a joke.

So right now we really have 2 major holes that need to be filled: 1B and DH. We can afford to let Phillips hack away at 1B if the DH hole is filled. Oakland currently has a glut of OFs and just designated Milton Bradley (he of a +.800 OPS) for assignment. I think the Yankees might be reluctant to take on a player like Bradley, but honestly, I think this team needs some fire. And he is an excellent defensive player as well, which would allow us to DH Matsui. If we attempt to trade for one of Oakland’s other players, Beane is notorious for being difficult to deal with. Cashman does have one advantage: he just needs a hitter, not a fielder.

As far as pitching goes, our rotation is as stable as it’s going to be. There are no more solutions out there. Cashman should however immediately look to trade Farnsworth and Myers. Watching both of these guys is like watching the same at-bats on replay. Farnsworth consistently works behind in the count and then grooves fastballs. Myers simply is not good enough to strike out good lefties. And Torre always brings him in against the other teams best lefty hitter. If they don’t chase the slider away, he lays an 84 MPH fastball in there and, sidearm or not, it gets crushed. He really only does well in a mop-up role.

The Yanks have Chris Britton (who I have been calling for) and Edwar Ramirez (74 Ks in 40.1 IP???) down in triple-A who can do just as well as those two so we don’t even necessarily need to get bullpen pieces back in exchange for them.

Of course our biggest problem is that we are the worst managed team in baseball. But Torre isn’t going anywhere until the end of the season, so what’s the use.


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