Let’s Be Realistic

There seems to be a lot of public outcry amongst Yankee fans to “blow the team up.” Pete Abraham does a good job (see link to right) of debunking a lot “ideas” (Jose Tabata, Todd Helton, etc). The real reality of the situation here is that there is not much Cashman can do. The Yankees have little choice but to stick with the likes of Abreu, Matsui, Cano, etc. And rightfully so: Think of it this way, what is more likely, that the Yankees find someone in the minors or from another team’s scrap heap that has a big second half of that Bobby Abreu has a big second half? Same goes for Matsui, Cano, Damon, et al. We went from a team in April that was all offense and no starting pitching, to the exact opposite (Pettitte’s one bomb of a start nonwithstanding).

So what can the Yankees do?

  1. Trade Mike Myers and Kyle Farnsworth. We’d probably get little in return, but Myers is absolutely worthless against lefties (and we may just have to DFA him) and Farnsworth is a detriment to our team in many ways, not just his inability to throw strikes. We already have Bruney who has a big arm but command issues; but at least with Bruney he does strike people out. We have to hope Proctor can recover and Viscaino is improving. Let’s see what Chris Britton and Edwar Ramirez can do.
  2. Find a RHB. The Yankees need someone who can hit lefties.
  3. Stand pat. Let your veterans come around. See what Andy Phillips can do.

That’s it. And I’m still optimistic enough to think it will work.


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