Trade Watch

The Yanks did what they had to: take 3 out of 4 from the D-Rays. Fun couple games to watch, as the blowout got to be so severe that Torre switched out his DH (Duncan) to 1B and had his pitchers hit. And still won 21-4.

We are officially in MLB Trade Deadline season. This year should be pretty quiet, but Cash does have a few things supposedly cooking:

Jose Molina for Jeff Kennard: This deal is done. While it is sad to see Wil Nieves go, (only because of his unintentional comedy factor and general “nice-guy” status) he was really a pretty terrible baseball player. Most importantly, guys named Molina absolutely KILL the Yankees (see playoffs, ’05 when the Angels batted Bengie Molina 4th (!) ). So now we have a Molina to call our own.

Scott Proctor for Ty Wigginton: This trade was talked about all weekend. Wigginton is playing well and would be a good fit for us. However, I am loathe to see a reliever like Proctor go who throws hard and is still years away from free agency. The fact that everyone in the media seems to know about this deal makes me think it’s not imminent.

Scott Proctor for Wilson Betemit: This is being reported by the NYPost, just like last year when Betemit was with the Braves. Not sure I understand the interest here: Betemit is not having a particularly good year, even if he is versatile.

Prospects for Mark Loretta: I talked about this in a recent post. I love Loretta, but it kills me the Yankees didn’t sign him over the offseason.

Prospects for Octavio Dotel: Another guy the Yanks could have secured during the offseason. He gave us nothing last year, but now he has finally recovered from TJ surgery. The question is: is he a substantially better option than what we have currently?

I doubt any of these proposed trades will actually happen. One thing that Cashman is notorious for, is not leaking trade talk. Look at the one trade that did happen: we didn’t know about the Molina acquisition until it was done. Expect more of the same.

What is interesting though is if there is any truth to the Proctor rumors, we’d be dealing from a position of relative weakness by subtracting from the bullpen. Could be, as Peter Gammons has suggested, the Yankees have faith in the guys in their minors (Britton, Chamberlain, Ohlendorf, etc) to come up and do the job. Which I think they should.


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