Joe Morgan, Baseball Genius

This actually happened in one of Joe Morgan’s ESPN chats:

John (Chicago, IL): Joe, who do you think, in your opinion, is going to represent the AL in the World Series this year and why? I like Boston because they have the best run differential in baseball and their pitching top to bottom has been statistically the best all year. What do you think?

Joe Morgan: Well the run differential means nothing. It is like OPS, it mean nothing in the grander scheme of things. does a good job ripping it apart (and if you don’t read that site, btw, you should).

But is this guy serious? I’ve discussed run differential on this blog and it is generally well known that a hitter’s ability to get on base and hit for power (read: OPS) is the key to producing the most runs. And guess what happens to the team with the most runs? They win.

So I’m not sure what Joe means by the “grander scheme of things.” Is he getting philosophical on us? I guess run differential and OPS are meaningless in life, taking a back seat to Family, Friends, maybe paying the bills even. But I thought we were talking about baseball? Where players are paid to help teams win?


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