How Bad is the National League?

Did you know that it is possible no team in the NL will finish with 90 wins or above? It’s unlikely, as the D-Backs need only 1 win in their final 3 games to do it… but that it’s still possible on September 28th is crazy.

Oh, and those same “best record in the NL” D-backs? Well they’ve allowed more runs than they’ve scored. So if you believe in things like run-differential (and disagree with Joe Morgan) the D-backs are probably nothing more than an average team with above average luck.

The team everyone thought was the class of the NL (The Mets) is fading fast and just got shut out for 8 innings by Joel Piniero. Yes THAT Joel Piniero. The one who wasn’t good enough to be a middle reliever in the AL East. How many games would the Blue Jays win if they played in the NL? 104? The Devil Rays would at least be competing for a playoff spot over there.

There hasn’t been this big of a disparity between professional sports conferences since the NFC dominated the AFC in the mid-90s.


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