ALDS Game 4

Eric Wedge is currently taking a lot of criticism for going with Paul Byrd tonight in Game 4, rather than bringing back C.C. Sabathia on short rest. Not only that, but Byrd’s personal catcher is Kelly Shoppach, meaning Martinez moves to first and Garko (who is having a nice series) must sit. Considering the Yankees past success against Byrd, pretty much everyone is assuming Game 5 is now inevitable.

This scares me: if everyone thinks a game is a “gimme”… well it usually isn’t.

I say this rarely but let’s hope the media is right.

Torre may have made a mistake last night using Joba for 2. I wasn’t surprised when he came out for the 8th after pitching the 7th. I was more surprised he came out for the 7th. Why not let Farnsworth or The Viz pitch, albeit on a short rope, and keep Joba and Mo ready to bail them out if necessary? I think part of it could be that Joba was already warmed up for the 7th (as it looked like it would only be a 2-run lead). Part of the original “Joba Rules” was that once Joba warmed, he came in. Perhaps they are still trying to stick to this plan.

At any rate, it seems like Torre will have to go Farnsworth or The Viz if he needs someone in the 6th or 7th tonight. He could always use them batter to batter and only go to Joba for an out or two if he has to. Then rely on Mo for the 8th and 9th. But hopefully the Yanks rough up Byrd, Wang pitches well, and all of this is negligible.


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