Can Yankees Overcome The Bugs?

Friday night was a difficult game to accept as a Yankees fan. Sure: the Yankees blew a couple of chances to score runs (but not many, as Carmona was tremendous) and they did escape from a plethora of tough situations (Sizemore’s leadoff triple, especially). From that standpoint, the Yankees were probably outplayed. However, it is still reasonable to conjecture, that if not for a swarm of bugs in the 8th inning, the Yankees win the game and are currently up 2 games to 1.

As a sports fan I’ve had to deal with disappointment many times. Sometimes the players fail or coaches fail and I have to deal with it. Sometimes the umpires or referees fail. This is tougher to take, obviously, but it is the flawed human aspect of sports. But when bugs help determine the fate of a team that I spend countless hours a year following, it is difficult to simply say “thems the breaks.”

So with all that in mind, the Yankees must rally and win the next two games. It’s the only way to make this right.


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