Cruel or Prudent?

A universal sentiment amongst Yankee fans and Yankee haters alike: Joe Torre cannot be left to “twist in the wind.” The Yankees must be swift in their decision to keep him or let him go.

To me, this sounds like terrible reasoning. You’re talking about replacing the highest paid manager on the most prominent team in sports. This decision should not be rash. You wait for the shock of failure, and in the Yankee universe it is always shock, to recede and then you figure out what is best for the team moving forward. Why would the Yankee brass let Torre go until they’ve done their due diligence on the consequences? How would it affect the players, especially free agents? Who would they want to replace Torre and would said person want to come to NY?

Really, the only reason Torre is “twisting in the wind” is because Sportscenter won’t stop talking about him and the media won’t stop camping outside his home. The days of Steinbrenner’s impulsive management decisions are (thankfully) over. Let’s let Joe and everyone else off the hook for a few days. They’ll figure it out.


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