Predicting The Championship Series

People love predictions. We love to read them. We love to disagree with them. But universally pretty everyone is bad at making them. And if people like Jeff Brantley, Rick Sutcliffe, and Tony Gwynn are allowed to make them, then damnit so am I.


This is a fascinating matchup and it’s hard to look at it objectively and not just because I hate Boston fans with the fire of a thousand suns. When I see a guy like Josh Beckett, I think to myself, “no big deal, we’ll crush him.” And when I say we, I mean the Yankees (because I am part of their team, of course). Beckett hasn’t dominated the Yankees since 2003. I see Papelbon and I think “we can get to him, especially A-Rod.” Same with Schilling and Dice-K.

But can Cleveland do that? Beckett made the Angels look like an inner city little league team. Are the Angels just that bad (which is possible)? Sabathia was tough and Carmona dominant against the Yankees. Its seems improbable to me that they won’t take one of the first two games in Fenway. And they’ll each get to pitch twice, assuming the series goes 6. (And on a slightly related note: how scary would Cleveland be if Cliff Lee didn’t fall apart?)

Anyways I can’t pick Boston because I can’t root for the National League in the World Series. So really I just have to find a way to justify why Cleveland can win. And I think I did. So Cleveland in 6.


I’m not really all that interested in this series, except that I am trying to compile a list of NL pitchers who could succeed in the AL. Right now my list is:

1. Brandon Webb.

Yeah that’s pretty much all I got right now. But Jeff Francis, I’m watching you.

So who am I picking? Well the Rockies of course. Why? Because Arizona has one of the worst fan bases in baseball. They aren’t selling out games and it’s the playoffs. They don’t deserve a winning team, and they especially don’t deserve a World Series team after 2001, when they were champions even though no one in the stands knew the name of more than three position players.

Oh right and I’m also picking the Rockies because they have the momentum, and the great home field, and young stars, and Matt Holiday, and whatever else.


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