The Underdogs Bristle At Favorite Status

Red Sox owner Larry Lucchino is complaining about being designated as “favorite” amongst the remaining teams in the postseason. And by favorite, he means team with the largest amount of resources, the role the Yankees usually play. He says:

“Walk a mile in our shoes and see how different we think we are from the Yankees,” Lucchino said. “They have the benefit of the largest market in the Western world. We have to compete with them, but they are tens of millions of dollars higher than us. It is inappropriate to lump us with them. It is the Yankees out there and 29 other teams in the next category. We want to be the little engine that could.”

It is nice that Lucchino attempts to use the Yankees as a reason to think that the Red Sox are a deprived, low resource, underdog. But it is also delusional. Sure the Yankees have the largest market, but it is one they share with the Mets. The Red Sox have all of New England. Don’t get me wrong, the Yankees have the largest revenue in baseball. However, you cannot spend $70 million on JD Drew, $103 million on Dice-K, etc and then lump your team in with the Devil Rays and Marlins. For years the media as well as members of Red Sox Nation have attempted to portray the team as perpetual underdogs, a team that must rely on young homegrown talent to compete. This is quite simply not true.


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