Why The Wait?

The media coverage surrounding the Yankees and Joe Torre right now is nothing short of sickening. The Yankees will not make an announcement regarding their next manager until that manager is signed. It is as simple as that. Again, Torre cannot be fired because he is no longer under contract.

Cashman has flown back to NY, so clearly the Yankees have made up their mind on what they want to do. Either Cashman will go to Torre and tell him they do not want him back and that they’re negotiating with someone else or he will go and offer Torre a contract. I actually am leaning towards the later. I think the Yankees will offer Torre a short deal with a reduced salary, with the stipulation that his coaches will be changed (read: Guidry you’re done). If Joe says yes, they get to keep the manager who has gotten them to the postseason 12 straight years and who is a known commodity, but at a favorable price that would allow the Yankees to replace him at any time without absorbing too much of a financial loss. If Joe says no, the Yankees move on and replace him. And they can tell the fans, Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, and the rest of the players that they tried; they offered Joe the job but he walked away.

Maybe Cashman is heading to NY to tell Torre he’s out, which is what Steve Phillips suggested on ESPN. But Steve Phillips is rarely right about anything (remember this is the same man who said the Yankees blew it by refusing to trade Melky Cabrera for Eric Gagne), and Cashman did provide this quote:

“The decisions that we’re talking about [are], obviously, rehiring somebody, and then there’s a negotiation if we do so,” Cashman said after the meetings. “And these are the decisions we have to come to if that’s the direction we choose to go.

“And that takes time. It’s as simple as that.”

The key word of course is rehire. The Yankees can’t simply walk out of their meetings and say “We’ve decided to keep Joe!” or “We’re going to get rid of Joe!” They have to first come to a contract agreement with Torre or someone else. So everyone, especially the media, needs to calm down. Last time I checked I thought there were still teams actually playing baseball. Maybe I’m wrong.


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