Some World Series Thoughts

  • What are the odds Ortiz legs out a triple at high altitude? 1,000 to 1? 100,000?
  • Nothing that could happen in this series would surprise me. Red Sox sweep, Rockies sweep, 7 game slugfest. I’m ready for anything.
  • It would benefit Boston to keep Schilling and Wakefield from having to pitch in Coors. Schilling looks like he’d be lucky to do 10 consecutive jumping jacks; I don’t see any 7 or 8 inning outings in his future in Denver.
  • I wanted to be able to cheer against the inferior league in this World Series. I really did.
  • Yeah, it is awful the Yankees weren’t in the ALCS, especially considering midges were prominently involved. But it has been nice being able to eat solid foods for the past week or so. Which wouldn’t be possible if Yankee-Red Sox Armageddon 3 was going on.
  • Carmona and Perez looked absolutely untouchable against the Yankees. Worth noting.
  • It was nice of Kenny Lofton to actually try this postseason. But I’m glad he won’t be getting a ring.
  • How is it possible that a Cleveland bullpen pitcher implodes in Game 7 and it’s not Joe Borowski?
  • Papelbon has to have the worst ever “pre-pitch” glare. Doesn’t he ever watch video of himself pitch?
  • The NL needs to get rid of the DH. Have you seen the list of candidates for the Rockies DH position? They make Coco Crisp look like Mickey Mantle.

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