Decision To Be Made Today

Who will Cash choose?

Mattingly is obviously still the favorite, but Girardi seems to be gaining steam in the press with a “perfect interview.”

The question is, what could they do with Mattingly if they hire Girardi? Would he stay on as hitting coach? Manage their team in the minors? Simply become unemployed and look elsewhere?

In other news, Buster Olney has reported that the framework is there for a 3 year 42 million deal for Posada. He also says Rivera seems to be close to resigning, which Rivera’s recent comments would seem to confirm. Lastly, he suggests a 200 million dollar, 7 year extension for A-Rod. Maybe a touch high, but it makes sense. Quite simply, A-Rod isn’t going to get the money from anyone else. Boras can bluff all he wants.

And as long as Pettitte uses his option, the Yankees are looking at almost the same team as last year, though perhaps with a different bullpen. The same team that was the best team in baseball the second half of the season.


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