Simply Indefensible

I have supported the entirety of A-Rod’s tenure in pinstripes. People call him a choker. I explain small sample sizes. People say he isn’t worth the money. I point to his record breaking production.

Boras claims that A-Rod was concerned about the fate of Rivera, Posada, and Pettitte. Then why didn’t he wait to find out how their negotiations were going? A-Rod still had 10 more days to decide whether or not to opt out. Did he think the Yankees were going to suddenly have no good players next year? That they would rebuild? Come on.

A-Rod wouldn’t meet with Yankee executives. He wouldn’t answer calls from the Steinbrenners. That I think is what assures A-Rod is truly done in pinstripes: rarely will a Steinbrenner, George or otherwise, accept such a personal slight. They want people who are proud to be Yankees and value being a Yankee. Everyone knows, you play for the Yankees and you’ll make your money. So in A-Rod’s case, opting out means he doesn’t want to play for New York anymore. It’s as simple as that.


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