Fantasy’s Ugly Sister?

In an effort to expand the scope of this website, we’re starting a new fantasy feature on Rivera’s Cutter, courtesy of My Friend Zigman (or MFZ for short).

Everyone reading this column probably has at least one fantasy football team (I’m the proud manager of 7). Everyone reading this post probably managed a fantasy baseball team or two (though I did just 4 this year). I feel as though most people are under the impression that these are the only two acceptable fantasy sports, and while I am clearly a fan of those games, I do not adhere to that notion.

Basketball and Hockey are widely overlooked fantasy sports, and this needs to change. There is something about the similar make up and scheduling of these sports that particularly lends itself to the world of fantasy. 162 games of baseball – way too much; 17 weeks of football (16 in fantasy land) hardly enough; basketball and hockey, conveniently split down the middle.

While baseball requires serious micro management for success and football only gives you the real payoff once a week, basketball and hockey provide a great balance of roster management and consistent stat flow. Look back at your fantasy baseball season. If you were not in the top 5 going into the last 2 months, you probably began to lose some steam. If you are 1-7 in pigskin land, you may not be losing interest but the season is almost over.

What I am saying is give these games a chance. For me it has revitalized interest in sports that I loved as a kid but have neglected for quite some time and this is especially true of hockey. I would have no idea who the Staal or Sedin brothers are. And that’s probably not a big deal, but I am happy to be in the loop and be able to have a reasonably intelligent conversation while enjoying my boss’s rink side seats.

I agree: I currently have Andris Biedrins on my fantasy basketball team. Do you know who he is? Neither did I until after our draft. Apparently he plays center for Golden State. Now isn’t this fun?

(Not sure if I’m as down with Hockey, simply because I don’t find their box scores very interesting and I’m not sure if I’m cool with combining Field Hockey and Figure Skating and calling it a real sport. But hey, more fantasy is more fun in my book.)


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