Do Not Sign Mike Lowell

The Yankees are obviously looking for a third baseman. And you know who should not be a candidate? Mike Lowell.

You hear the same arguments for him: he’s a professional, a gamer, he’s gritty, he handles pressure, etc, etc. Really though, he’s just a mild mannered white guy who happens to be an alright baseball player. The racist undertones to all this is the topic for a future entry, but they’re similar to why Joe Buck and Tim McCarver couldn’t stop comparing Dustin Pedroia to David Eckstein despite the fact that they have almost nothing in common as baseball players. Other than that they are diminutive white guys of course.

Bottom line on Lowell: look at his hit chart. His new found success is completely a product of Fenway Park. Playing for the Yankees, he would be lucky to be an average hitter at third, even if he would be a plus defender. I know he has all those “intangibles.” But Jeter’s got enough intangibles for the whole team. The Yankees need talent.

I believe Cashman is smart enough to stay away from Lowell, though he probably doesn’t mind the Yankees being involved in the rumors, as it drives up the price for the Red Sox.


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