The Players Union is now investigating possible collusion in regards to Alex Rodriguez. I don’t think not giving in to Boras’ demands in collusion, it’s common sense. The Yankees (the richest team in baseball) tried to make an offer and were approximately $203 million short. At least in terms of what it would have cost them.

So if A-Rod is too expensive for the Yankees, who could possibly sign him? The Yanks are the only team that can afford a player of A-Rod’s stature and still put a competitive team around him, year in and year out. So either A-Rod isn’t going to get paid (and by get paid, I mean sign the absurd deal Boras is after) or he is going to sign with a team that will most likely be bad relatively soon. Then maybe in the offseason of 2010, he can attempt to force a trade to a contender.


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