Johan Santana

Santana is reportedly on the trade market, so of course the Yankees are involved. I am really indifferent to this, as I know it will cost the Yankees a good number of prospects to make the deal. However, looking ahead, the Yankees are going to have a ton of money coming free next offseason (22 mil for Giambi, 11 for Mussina, and 11 for Pavano amongst others). And now that we know they won’t have a lot of money tied up on Alex Rodriguez…

What stops the Yankees from blowing everyone away on Santana? Maybe not in years, but in dollars? What about 5 years and 125 million?

Let’s say Pettitte does come back to the Yankees for 16 million in 2008 (which I think ultimately he will). That would mean you would be replacing 39 million worth of starting pitching (Pettitte, Moose, and Pavano) with Santana at 25 million. Seems like a reasonable exchange. Then you have a rotation with Santana, Wang, Joba, Hughes, and Kennedy, with any one of the number of other young arms (Horne, Sanchez, etc) waiting in the wings as well.

2008 is the difficult year for the Yankees. They have to try to not overwork the Big 3 (Joba, Hughes, Kennedy) while still being successful. By 2009, those 3 will be able to up their innings to that of normal MLB starters, and the team will have massive payroll flexibility.


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