Still, do not sign Mike Lowell

There are many positives to A-Rod coming back to play third for the Yankees, but one that stands out to me is that it assures that the Yankees will not pursue Mike Lowell. Or does it? It is being reported now that the Yankees are attempting to sign Mike Lowell to play first base. This must simply be a ploy by the Yankees to drive up Lowell’s price.

For reasons I discussed in a previous post, outside of Fenway Park, Lowell does not hit well enough to play third. The only benefit he has is good defense at the hot corner. So if he doesn’t hit well enough for a third basemen, he certainly doesn’t hit well enough for a first baseman. And the one skill he does have will be marginalized. And there are a number of first basemen options that are sure to manifest themselves in the coming 4 seasons (which presumably would be the length of Lowell’s deal). Did you know that Mark Texiera is a free agent after 2008?

Lowell at first would perhaps be a slight upgrade over Andy Phillips for a year (and even that is debatable) but at 15 times the cost. And after that first season, Lowell would be a burden.

Signing Lowell does not make sense on any level.


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