Return of the Yankees

The Yankees initial goal this offseason (after the Torre situation) was to bring back the team it had in 2007. And now it appears they pretty much have, as A-Rod, Posada and Rivera appear ready to sign, albeit each one of them for more money than initially predicted. But in each case, the money makes sense. Right now, each of them is worth their current annual salary. There is a good chance though that not one of them will be worth as much in the final year of their respective deals.

Will Posada be worth $13 million in 2011 when he is 39 years old? Will Rivera be worth $15 million in 2010 when he is 40? Will A-Rod be with $27 million in 2017 when he is 42? The answer to these is most likely no. But MLB baseball made over $6 billion this year. As these funds are distributed to the teams it will translate to even higher salaries. In 2017 we could see players making over $40 million, if not more. So paying A-Rod $27 million to play a decent first base and break the all time home run record could be a relative bargain. Remember when it was just assumed that Abreu’s $16 million dollar option would never be exercised?

So the team that was the best in baseball the second half of the season and led the majors in runs scored will be coming back pretty much intact, for a season that is in many ways a transition year as the Yankee’s young talent develops.


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