No-Win Situation

Minnesota countered the Yankees offer last night with the following: Hughes, Cabrera, Marquez, and either Horne or Jackson. The Yankees declined, and rightly so. Yet, now reports are the Twins are prepared to accept the Red Sox offer of Lester, Crisp, Lowrie, and Masterson. Is this really better than Hughes, Cabrera, and Marquez (which is a deal I think the Yankees would accept)?

Teams and players always want more from the Yankees whether it is money or prospects. It would be easy for the Yankees to simply throw Horne or Kennedy into the deal. After all, would that really impact their 2008 rotation? You’d have Santana, Pettitte, Wang, Chamberlain, Mussina. However, the Yankees have justly stopped defining trades simply based on a one year impact. What happens after next season when Pettitte may finally retire and Mussina almost certainly leaves? Then the Yankees could be back shopping again. This is all about value. Santana and the huge extension he would require is simply not worth Hughes, Cabrera, and another top flight player.

Jayson Stark of ESPN reports:

Officials from other clubs said several of the Yankees’ baseball personnel at the meetings had begun openly questioning whether they even wanted to make this trade if the Twins said yes.

“The more this goes on,” said one AL executive, “the less they want to do it.”

I’m sure many members of the Yankees brass can imagine the articles already. You know the ones in the middle of the 2008 season where Santana gets compares to Hughes, and it turns out Santana has only been marginally better despite being almost 8 years older and making more than 50 times what Hughes makes.


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