Which Trade is Better?

So I’m a Yankee fan. I want the Red Sox to make the worst deal possible if they do trade for Santana. So which scenario should I hope for?

Scenario 1: The package that centers around Jacoby Ellsbury.

Scenario 2: The package that centers around Jon Lester.

I think Jon Lester is a better player then Jacoby Ellsbury. Let’s face it: Ellsbury is all hype at this point. He’s the next Johnny Damon at best. Lester might not have Hughes’ potentially but he could be an ace or at least a 2-3 starter if everything pans out. So from a talent standpoint, I’d rather see the Red Sox get rid of Lester.

But if the Red Sox get rid of Lester and Crisp while netting Santana, they are trading from a position of strength. If they deal Ellsbury, how much better would their team really be for 2008? They’d still have Crisp in CF or be looking for one. And they’d have Beckett, Santana, Dice-K, Schilling, Lester, Buchholz, and Wakefield. Santana is much more valuable than the average replacement player. But when your replacement is Lester or Buchholz? Perhaps not as much.

When all is said and done I’d still rather see Scenario 2. It’s just an interesting debate.

And I’m not sold on the Red Sox deal happening quite yet.


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