Off the books

After the 2008 season, the Yankees will have a lot of contracts coming off the books. Obviously, they could use this money to pursue Johan Santana or C.C. Sabathia.

Giambi – $22
Abreu – $16
Pettitte – $16
Mussina – $11
Pavano – $11
Farnsworth – $5.5

That’s $81.5 million. But it’s not just about the money anymore. It’s about draftpicks. If the Yankees do acquire a Sabathia or Santana, they will be Type A free agents. Therefore the Yankees will lose their number 1 draft choice. But if the Yankees lose a free agent of their own, they could get a draft choice back.

  • Giambi: There is no way the Yankees offer the Big G arbitration, because if they did he would almost certainly accept, since it would probably be a 1 year deal worth $20+ million.
  • Abreu: This has potential for the Yankees. They will likely offer him arbitration. If he accepts, they get him back on another 1 year, $16 million deal, which would be fine. But Abreu will be 34 and will probably be looking for one last multi-year deal elsewhere. And when he finds it, the Yanks get 2 picks, as Abreu will almost certainly be Type A.
  • Pettitte: The Yanks will offer him arbitration just in case he goes elsewhere, but he’s likely either retired or coming back to the Yankees.
  • Mussina: This is a tough call and will depend on how Moose pitches in ’08. As of right now, I can’t imagine the Yankees offering him arbitration. He may retire anyways.
  • Pavano: No chance. I expect the Yankees to find a way to buy him out soon and clear room on the 40-man roster. That could be the reason why we haven’t seen the A-Rod and Mo deals made official yet.
  • Farnsworth: A lot of this will depend on ’08 performance also, but unlike Moose, as of right now I’d have to say they’d offer him arbitration. The relief pitching market is crazy, so if he were to accept, another 1 year at $5.5 million wouldn’t be the worst deal ever. But Farnsworth will likely want out of New York anyways, not to mention a multi-year deal. So hopefully he’ll pitch well enough to be a Type A free agent. Even if he’s a Type B, he’ll still bring back a sandwich pick.

So it looks like the Yankees could get back as many as 4 picks next season (if Abreu and Farnsworth both leave as Type A’s). And that makes going after Santana and Sabathia even easier.


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