Pete Rose says that steroid user are making a mockery of baseball:

“I never thought anybody would make me look like an altar boy,” Rose said.

“I’ve been suspended 18 years for betting on my own team to win,” he added. “I was wrong … but these guys today, if the allegations are true, they’re making a mockery of the game.”
“If you’re going to put these guys that supposedly did steroids into the Hall of Fame, I mean I’ve got to get a shot somewhere,” he said.

I used to support Pete Rose for the Hall of Fame. But now he’ll apparently use any avenue possble to try and make people feel sorry for him.

I understand that in some sense both gambling and steroids affect the integrity of the game. But really they are not related.

When Rose bet on baseball, the policy was “If you bet on baseball you are banned for life.” As we all know, the steroid policy isn’t that stringent.

But should it be? Well probably not. What everyone is finding out, or at least they should be, is that the issue of performance enhancing drugs is very complicated.

Gambling isn’t as complicated. Sure Rose bet on his own team. But if this was allowed, then what would it say when he didn’t bet on his team? Probably that he thought they would lose. Bottom line, the rules and penalties were clear. Trying to say that someone else is “more wrong” isn’t justification for a previous transgression.


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