Curt Schilling Awards Cy Youngs To Himself

In an effort to right past wrongs, Curt Schilling, of fame, has suggested that all MLB awards won with the help of performance enhancing drugs should be given to their rightful owners. In the case of the previous owners of Cy Young awards, the blogger said those should go to Schilling himself.

You see, Curt Schilling is not only a successful blog writer, but he also used to have some success as a professional baseball player and in fact played and trained with many of the players now being accused of steroid use.

“I am the only player I know for certain is clean,” Schilling said. “Clemens improved as a pitcher after 1997 when he was in his thirties. How many power pitchers who rely on a fastball and splitter improve in their thirties? That should be a clear sign of steroids.”

When told that his best seasons came when he was 34 and 35 and that he too relied on a fastball and splitter combo, Schilling seemed unconcerned. “But I know I’m clean. I don’t know that about anyone else. It’s my opinion, but I should receive the accolades so everyone knows I was the best. You see this really isn’t about anyone else, it’s all about me. I’ve had enough of all these users getting attention.”


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