Wise Move by the Rocket

It appears that Clemens will fight back against the accusations of The Mitchell Report with more than just a YouTube video: he is launching an investigation of his own.

This makes a ton of sense for The Rocket. What we have is essentially a battle of one man’s word against another. The more dirt Clemens can dig up to discredit The Mitchell Report, the better he will look. And seeing as how I could easily come up with many complaints about the report having done nothing more than read it, I’m sure Clemens’ team will be able to find a number themselves.

Of course, this probably will not definitively prove anything. The only way really for Clemens to do that would be to sue for defamation of character. But if he does that, he would allow his personal life to be subject to subpeona. Bank statements, physicals, etc would all be fair game. Even if a player were innocent, would he really want to go through that? I doubt it.


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