The Method to Clemens’ Madness

Roger Clemens will appear on 60 minutes on Sunday night and deny having ever used steroids or ever being injected with anything.

Originally, when the Mitchell Report was first released, there were rumors that Clemens would use his financial muscle to launch a defamation lawsuit. However, as I mentioned earlier, this would be very difficult to do: it would subject all of Clemens’ personal life to investigation. The burden would be on him to prove that the things said about him are false.

So instead Clemens is going to turn the tables and call McNamee a liar. If he does McNamee’s lawyers claim they will hit Clemens with a defamation lawsuit of their own. But it seems to me, this is exactly what Clemens would want. Now it is up to McNamee to prove that Clemens is lying. And subsequently, Clemens’ investigators can dig up whatever they want on McNamee.

I think ultimately, McNamee will do nothing. And it will end up being one man’s word against another’s. And Clemens will save face. And someday, he will be in the Hall of Fame. And Yankees fans will still applaud him and Red Sox fans will still call him a cheater. Just the way it should be.

(On a side note- how ironic is it that his name is Brian McNamee? Was Senator Mitchell unable to track down John O’ Fingerpointer?)


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