The importance of the draft, part whatever

We’ve already seen that the draft is important to the Yankees this offseason: they never even really pursued Luis Vizcaino, despite needing bullpen arms, instead happy to collect the sandwich pick they receive for him signing elsewhere. A sandwich pick is a big deal: Joba was one and the 2008 draft is supposedly loaded.

They couldn’t look at Mark Loretta because he was Type A. As a matter of fact, the Yankees won’t look at any Type A FAs. They want their first round pick.

Now, assuming the Yankees do not acquire Johan Santana, it makes a lot of sense for them to make their big free agent splash next offseason. Say the Yankees go and sign either Santana or Sabathia as well as Texiera to big money deals. Now obviously, they’ll lose their #1 pick. But you can’t lose your #1 pick twice, so for the second signing, they’d lose their #2 pick instead, immediately making that signing more palatable. (As an aside, this is why the Twins probably have to trade Santana: what if they let him become a FA and he signs with the Yankees as well as Texiera? Well depending on the years they have, there is a chance the player rater, which is a dumb evaluator to begin with, could rank Texiera ahead of Santana. So the Twins would receive only the Yankees #2 pick, likely at the end of the second round, along with a sandwich pick. Not exactly a great haul for a small market team.)

But as I’ve discussed before, the Yankees could potentially get a lot of those picks back next season as many players become FAs. But there are only 3 who stand out as having potential: Abreu, who would be a Type A, Farnsworth who would be Type A or B depending on how well he pitches this season, and Hawkins, who if he does well could be Type B. Even if Farnsworth ends up Type B, that could be a 1st round pick and 3 sandwich picks coming back to the Yankees, which would more than replace their 1st and 2nd round picks.

Oh yeah, and they’d have either Sabathia or Santana along with Texiera.


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