A little football…

I know I normally stick to baseball talk here, but I just got done watching a tremendous Jacksonville – Pittsburgh game that almost left me upset.

I don’t particularly care for either team and I didn’t really care who won. But for most of the game I watched Jacksonville completely punish Pittsburgh. When Pittsburgh made their comeback, they had a crucial 4th and goal play in which “Ben” (I’m not going to look up how to spell his last name) threw a fade to Hines Ward and got a pass interference call. The announcers (and even the people showing the highlights later) reacted to this as if it was an obvious call. However if you watched the play, Ward actually dragged the defensive back into the end zone by his face mask. Which is obviously illegal. At best, you could call offsetting penalties, but really it should have simply been a personal foul on Ward.

Since I hate seeing teams get beat due to pivotal and egregious reffing/umpiring calls, I thusly cheered for Jacksonville the rest of the way. And I can breath easy now, as they pulled through anyways.

Though if Jacksonville hopes to beat New England (who they’ll play assuming San Diego beats the Titans) they need to play a cleaner game. First off, the possession they had immediately following the Pittsburgh 4th and 12 touchdown was one of the worst I’ve seen. They completely abandoned their gameplan and starting throwing the ball and stopping the clock. The drive was then capped by an interception where I don’t think there was a Jaguar player within 10 yards of the ball.

Also, both plays that Jack Del Rio challenged were obviously not going to be reversed. This happens at least once a game though, but it still kills me. Me, sitting at home in front of my TV, knew immediately that both of those were dumb challenges. And I don’t even have high-def. Don’t these teams have one guy “upstairs” watching who can tell the coach when it’s a good or bad idea to challenge? I don’t get it.


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