They have no idea what they’re talking about

In case you missed it, George Mitchell and Bud Selig had to appear before Congress. Congress actually praised Mitchell and Selig for working to stop the steroid problem.

This is completely reprehensible on a number of levels and a lot of people have noticed it. Obviously, Selig did nothing to stop steroids. And instead hired Mitchell. Who then did nothing to stop steroids. Pretty much everyone knows this.

One thing I would like to see however, is for someone to hold MLB accountable for the money they’ve spent in a pointless investigation that simply “outed” a few former and current players as steroid users with no real evidence. I haven’t seen an exact figure, but it is estimated MLB spent between $40 and $60 million on the Mitchell Report. That is money that could have been invested in public relations programs or… wait… maybe even a better steroid testing program! What an idea.

But ranting aside, the hearing did show something else. That Congress has no idea what’s going on (courtesy of the NYTimes Bats Blog):

Shays […] during his five minutes referred to Rafael Palmeiro as “Palmerry.” Mitchell kept his composure during a confounding question, regarding whether Palmeiro had tested positive “before his three-hundredth hit?”

Have any of these men even watched baseball? Do they have any idea what the real situation is? Most likely they’re just really upset because they think people might be making money dishonestly who aren’t them.


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