People are stupid

So a former Yankees fan has decided to sue the Yankees for consumer fraud (Thanks to the Replacement Level Yankees Weblog for the link). Why you might ask? Because some of their players may have been on performance enhancing drugs at the time. As a result, he wants the price of his tickets for 5 games attended between 2002 and 2007 refunded.

Obviously, if the Yankees were ever found guilty in this case, it would require every team in baseball to refund pretty much every ticket for the past 20 years. And many tickets from before then, when players still used other forms of less notable PEDs, like amphetamines.

And football would have to hand back a boatload of money. And probably basketball too. And if anyone cared about hockey, they’d probably also be offering a refund. So yeah, this is a pretty dumb lawsuit.

Can someone file a lawsuit against Britney Spears for not really being able to sing? How about those vapid reality shows like “The Hills” that apparently script their shows? Aren’t they more fraudulent than baseball players, who even if they did use PEDs, probably are more talented and work harder than most people?

Here is the thing: you know who should be really upset with baseball players who used PEDs? The baseball players who didn’t. End of story. And if they don’t care, I don’t care. Baseball is a GAME. Did I miss out on playing because some guys used steroids? Nope. But guess who enjoyed watching and talking about all those games? I did. I love it when Giambi hits a homerun. Does it feel lessened because at some point he took steroids? Not one bit.

What is wrong about steroids is that they put players in a position where to compete they have to risk their health. Which is why it should be the players themselves who are speaking out against them. And until they care, I certainly don’t. The game of baseball itself is just as entertaining with steroids as without.


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