From the News Wire: Mets Fan Thrilled to be Leading

When it comes to the Johan Santana race, every day is thrilling for Mets fan Jeffrey Horowitz.

“I’m so excited to get up in the morning and see who is leading,” says the 28 year old Astoria, Queens resident. “Especially now that it’s us!”

The Johan Santana derby has been on since the beginning of the offseason and there have been many twists and turns in a competition that primarily includes the Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox. All three teams would like to have the dominant lefty in their rotation, but as of late both the Yankees and Red Sox have cooled on the idea of giving away their best prospects.

“You know, in the beginning it seemed like we’d never get out of third place. But you gotta give [GM] Omar [Minaya] credit. He came back.” With this, Jeffrey gives a pump of his fist. “Now I can call up all my friends who are Yankee and Red Sox fans and let them know that we’re in first now.”

When asked if he was confident that the Mets would actually land Santana, Jeffrey responded, “Well of course they will. This is the New York Mets we’re talkin about. When they build a lead like this, they hold it until the end.”


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