Those choking Mariners

Today, ESPN listed the greatest postseason chokers of all time. Essentially great regular season teams who failed in the postseason. #2 – 2001 Seattle Mariners… I wonder who beat them?

What happened in the playoffs: After beating Cleveland in the ALDS, the Mariners’ bats hit a cold spell against the Yankees. They lost the first two at home, 4-2 and 3-2, getting just 10 hits combined. After Seattle’s 14-3 win in Game 3, Alfonso Soriano’s bottom-of-the-ninth home run off Kaz Sasaki won Game 4 for New York. Game 5 was a forgettable 12-3 blowout. Maybe if the Mariners had kept A-Rod, they would have won it all (ahhh, who are we kidding).

Actually, you know how A-Rod fared against the Yankees for Seattle the previous season? How about .409/.480/.773. Think they could have used that in those tight playoff games as Pettitte, Clemens, Mendoza, and Rivera were shutting them down? But those stats don’t really exist, because they don’t support the “A-Rod can’t hit in the postseason” argument, which by now we know as fact.


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