Who looks good?

As spring training begins, there have been a slew of “he’s in the best shape of his life” type stories being written about players throughout baseball. Two Yankees that have me excited:

Jason Giambi: Pete Abraham tells us that the Big G is in great shape coming into his walk year. This season Giambi will be playing for another contract, though presumably not with the Yankees. Along those lines, there is the added sense of urgency for Giambi. No matter what, this is almost certainly Giambi’s last season as a Yankee. Part of why he came to NY, and part of why anyone comes to the Yankees, is to win a championship. I mean sure, when compared to the money, that’s probably a very small part. But still, the Yankees give any player the best chance of winning it all year in and year out. So it’s time for the Giambino to finally take the Yankees all the way. I want a .420 OBP and 30+ HRs. And I think it’s possible.

Brian Bruney: Bruney is capable of being a shutdown reliever. He has shown flashes of it in the past. There is a new manager who might actually learn to trust him and use him regularly. The motivation is there. Now it is just up to Bruney to deliver. I personally think Bruney will emerge as a top middle reliever for Girardi.


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