Who are the first 25?

My prediction:

Position players (13):

1. Posada
2. A-Rod
3. Jeter
4. Cano
5. Giambi
6. Abreu
7. Cabrera
8. Damon
9. Matsui
10. Ensberg
11. Duncan
12. Betemit
13. Molina

Pitchers (12):

1. Wang
2. Pettitte
3. Mussina
4. Hughes
5. Kennedy
6. Chamberlain
7. Rivera
8. Farnsworth
9. Hawkins
10. Bruney
11. Ohlendorf
12. Ramirez

Obviously, those last two spots could just as easily be Veras, Britton, or Albaladejo. Or maybe Girardi wants a lefty and keeps Wright, Traber, Henn, or Igawa. While I think it is very well possible that we’ll see a young guy playing an important role before the year is over, like Marquez, Horne, etc. I highly doubt they will break camp with the big club, especially with all the other options available.

I think Ohlendorf and Ramirez ultimately have the most potential of any of the current group of relievers, so that’s why I chose them. With all the power arms, I think the Yankees would like it if Ramirez and his crazy changeup worked out.


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