This is not news

Apparently, A-Rod thinks Jeter will have an MVP season.

Why would this be any more newsworthy than him thinking Abreu is going to have a monster year?  Or anyone thinking their teammates will play well?

A-Rod has been criticized for saying the “wrong thing” before.  This is precisely the right thing to say.  He’s not talking about himself, instead saying the adored Yankee captain is due for a big year.

And then this:

Much has been made over the years of the relationship between Rodriguez and Jeter. When he reported to spring training last season, Rodriguez admitted that they no longer were sleepover buddies, as they had been when they first reached the major leagues. So Thursday’s unsolicited MVP talk got people’s attention. Was Rodriguez trying to shift a bit of the pressure to Jeter, or does he simply believe that Jeter is primed for a top-notch year?

That “no longer sleepover pals” story was nauseating and this is just as bad.  Who cares?  A-Rod isn’t trying to pressure anyone.  He’s just being a supportive teammate.  

Wait, A-Rod thinks his fellow superstar teammate who should have been the MVP in ’06 is going to have an MVP season?  That’s front page news!


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