Be careful who you get fantasy advice from

This, from ESPN expert Eric Karabell in regards to Robinson Cano and Bobby Abreu:

Statistically, they are very similar, except for Abreu’s steals, but I don’t think that sways me enough. Cano is emerging into a 30-homer guy, maybe not this year but eventually, while Abreu is slipping in power. Don’t be shocked if Cano is the guy hitting third in the Yankees lineup. He deserves it.

I understand that fantasy often ignores OBP.  But the Yankees don’t.  I’m sorry, I will be shocked in Cano is hitting third this season.  I repeat, shocked.  Maybe Cano develops some power and moves up to 6th or maybe even 5th (though to be honest, I’d be surprised if Cano hits significantly more HRs this year than Abreu).   But his .353 OBP last year, while good, will likely not be enough to topple Abreu, Giambi, and Posada.  Even if it improves.


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