Bruney and Torre

I’ve said in this space numerous times that Torre’s problem wasn’t just that he wore relievers out, but also because he shattered the confidence of those he wasn’t abusing.  It seemed like anytime Bruney, Farnsworth, etc would make the smallest mistake, they’d be pulled.

Well, looks like Bruney is supporting my opinion, according to the Daily News:

“With Torre – and I’m not trying to bad-mouth anybody – sometimes you would go out there and try to be so good because you were scared of doing bad,” Bruney said. “You can’t pitch like that. (Joe) Girardi understands that you make mistakes – and I’m going to make them.”

Sounds like positive stuff, for both Bruney and Girardi.  A power pitcher like Bruney cannot be terrified of walking someone or giving up a hit.  I know walks are killer, but if he goes out there thinking “if I walk one guy, I’m done” he’s not going to be successful (and by that I mean he’ll probably straighten out a fastball right over the plate).

I also like that Bruney made it clear he wasn’t trying to bad-mouth Torre.  But it’s becoming clear that for all of Torre’s amazing “people skills,” he wasn’t great with all his players and did not help all of them gain confidence, as some might have you believe.


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