“The Steroid Era”

It should come as no surprise that since there have been professional athletes, there have been athletes trying to get ahead by any means possible.  And while it’s “nice” (and by nice I mean pointless, dumb, and reprehensible) that everyone is now trying to label some players as unequivocal cheaters for things they don’t know very much about, it’s nice to gain some perspective from the past.  This from Peter Gammons:

Despite the insatiable hunt-and-peck pursuit of names of players who “cheated,” historically, there is very little perspective on what goes on behind closed doors in the clubhouse. A former player told me Wednesday, “When I was with an American League team [in the 1960s], they told me I was too skinny and the doctor prescribed anabolic steroids for me. It worked. I put on 10 pounds. Later [in the National League], I told the team doctor that I was tired and not feeling too well, so he reached into his shirt pocket and handed me a pill. Amphetamines.”

Does this mean these things are good for you?  Certainly not, but let’s keep some perspective as we wage our “McCarthy-esque” war on PEDs.


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