You’re the problem, not him

This is a post about A-Rod – not about the Jose Conseco stuff, I’ll deal with that later – but rather about his candid comments regarding his situation with Boras and choosing to come back to the Yankees.

Most of the articles and blogs I’ve read were happy with A-Rod’s comments: he was candid, honest, and sincere. He seemed more “human” and less “shielded.” Surely, this is a result of his comfort in New York.

Yet Bob Klapisch today still found a way to drag A-Rod through the mud over it. In his comments, A-Rod mentioned how he wasn’t going to let Boras choose his destination anymore, citing how in 2001 he wanted to go to New York and play for the Mets but instead went to Texas because that’s where Boras got him the money. It was all about the contract. But this year it wasn’t. He stepped up and signed where he wanted to.

Klapisch’s response?

Imagine how the Yankees feel today knowing the cornerstone of the franchise, to whom they’ve committed $275 million, has been pining for the Mets all along.

Sorry Bob, I think you missed the entire point of what A-Rod said. He wanted to play in New York in 2001 instead of Texas. Yeah, it would have been with the Mets. But if I remember correctly, the Yankees didn’t exactly have an offer on the table. The point is, at the time he wanted to come to New York but didn’t because of the money. And this time he didn’t want to leave the team he wanted to play for (ie, The New York Yankees) because someone gave him a bigger contract. If he was “pining” for the Mets maybe he would of explored, I don’t know, signing with the Mets?

And it gets worse:

But it tells you something about how A-Rod will be spending the next few years. He will be loose, open, telling us more than we need to know.

Alright, so let me get this straight: for years the press has been all over A-Rod for not being honest and forthright. Now you’re bashing him because he’s too open?

While Klapisch says A-Rod has “the genetic coding for saying the wrong thing,” I think the real issue is that people like Klapisch want to turn everything A-Rod says into the wrong thing.


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