ESPN loves Alex Rodriguez

A little late on this one, but ESPN decided that it was a headline story that Alex Rodriguez makes more than the entire Florida Marlins team.

While this certainly is interesting, why is it a headline? When it was on the front page, it was prefaced by “Report:”. It’s a report if two teams are close to a trade. It’s been public knowledge that A-Rod makes more than the Marlins for months now. Does ESPN simply have a Yankee or A-Rod headline quota they need to meet each day? Or did someone really like just notice this fact?

“Hey Bob, check out what noticed when I was looking at baseball salaries today.”

“Wow, Tim, you should totally file a report.”

There are a few MLB players who make more than the Marlins. Why A-Rod? Aren’t there people less deserving we could single out?

How about these:

Report: Dodgers to pay Juan Pierre $44 million to play baseball poorly

Report: Manny Ramirez makes more money than Jamaica

Report: Even terrible baseball players make millions

Or try being honest:

Report: A-Rod makes more money than you and he just plays a game

Report: ESPN wants you to hate the Yankees so therefore finds ways to convince you they disrupt competitive balance

Report: People like to read reasons why they can root against A-Rod


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